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May 24 2008

Stuff for sale

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here’s a list of stuff I found in my room that cost way more than they should, and is probably not a necessity for me.

Lucky Star Konata and Kagami Nendoroids Chara-Ani version

I actually just collected this yesterday, when I pre-ordered it back in September 07. I admit they look nice, really nice, and they really wanna reawaken the dormant otaku blood in me, but I need to show some restraint. With my poor financial situation and my lack of otaku-geekiness now, I should probably sell these.

Damage: $90 each

Verdict: SELL

Evangelion Unit 01 Model

This was kind of an impulse buy for me a few months ago. It took me only one night and one morning to finish assembling it, without spray painting and the detailings of course. Its not as nice without the spray and the decals and filing and buffing, but then again, I’m not so hardcore into these anyway.

Damage: $56

Verdict: SELL

Yuki Nagato Puzzle

Like the previous, an impulse buy for me. I never got around to actually opening it, since I don’t have time to do jigsaw puzzles and I’m not really a Yuki fan now, though I still think she’s the coolest character ever to appear in Suzumiya Haruhi.

Damage: $23

Verdict: SELL

Eiko Shimamiya: Hikari Nadeshiko

A rare full length album from Eiko Shimamiya, the obaasan from I’ve(KOTOKO’s from I’ve too!), I pre-ordered this a months back, and I’ve only listened to it once. The album was pure suckiness, and I only liked two songs out of the entire album. I’d rather loop JayChou than listen to this crap.

Damage: $60

Verdict: THROW

The above items are all in mint condition(except for the Eva Model of course), and if anyone is interested in buying, they’re going for 80% of the orginal price mentioned up there. Singapore buyers only!

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Apr 19 2008

Crisis Core

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Apr 01 2008

Next season!

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Mar 31 2008


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Mar 30 2008

J-dorama: Galileo

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Mar 26 2008

A long past due Eva 1.0 review

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Mar 25 2008

Clannad, Blaze, Savia

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Mar 23 2008

Too caught up with life!

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Feb 25 2008

What I’ve been up to

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Feb 17 2008

The choice in harem shows

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